I’m on a quest, a dual-quest to be precise! First, the one I have been on for as long as I can remember, the pursuit of knowledge, this is the one this page focuses on. Second is personal betterment, I had a specific place I wanted to be in life by the time I hit 50 and if not there was going to do a major lifestyle change. Let’s just say I started that change by accepting the chance to go back to college, plus many health-related areas, which I’ll mention on in other posts later on. For now, we will just focus on…


Knowledge is power, the greatest power is that of creating. The ability to create comes from gaining the power that comes with knowledge! Remember, anyone can destroy, a baby can break things, but to put something together and have it work, POWER!
Isn’t that what we all want to do whether websites, electronics, the old family car? Build it, fix it, or make it better? Use the tools correctly, know which tool to use, perhaps even using it in a whole new way.
When I was young I was always torn between being the hero or the science guy that made his gadgets. For me, hero’s that use their brains to win was the best! Just to be honest, there was also part of me, probably in you too, that kind of wanted to be the mad scientist!

Reach your Personal Maker

You don’t have to be mad or a hero to have a personal lab anymore. With the Do It Yourself Maker movement, we can just blend in, and meet in public!
Most of the things you find here will help you achieve your goals. How do I know this? Because they helped me that is what this site is all about sharing knowledge, sharing power, creating a better world through networking ideas.

What Matters

Let me tell a story, I like cooking and cooking shows. Once watch one about a grand master of meat, he was preparing a brisket. When it came time to add the seasoning, he grabs a premade seasoning from a certain company. Why? He said, these people put a lot of time and effort to create this mix it is what they love to do, and it is the flavor he likes. By using what they made he could focus on what was important to him, the meat. Choosing, handling, smoking, and marinating, what matters is how you use seasoning. True cooking is to enhance the flavor not of the seasoning but of the meat!
Same with me I’ll not be wasting time recreating a tutorial that helped me, I might add a comment of something extra but if I found it useful, then that is what I’ll share. It might be even mutable tutorials with notes saying what this shows about the item. When I add something of my own, I hope I fill in a gap that was needed.