“Why the Eagle?”

Let the Eagle Puns fly

To be honest the eagle was not my first favorite animal. Plus, there is one other animal besides the eagle and my first favorite that has become close to my heart. However, the eagle has soared ahead of both and continues to keep gliding above them.

Let me be clear though the eagle has been a favorite since I was a child. Growing up I instinctively admired intelligence. Also, I grew up in a very religious household so very young I learned that the eagle represented wisdom and farsightedness. So, you could say that the eagle was my intellectual favorite and has never fallen from its place.

One other thing about my childhood, I have always been someone that enjoys being alone. Because of this, I did not speak much, and without going into who, someone made a comment to my parents in front of me. “Your boy is stupid and will never be able to amount to anything”, my stubborn streak is instinctive as well, I set out to prove his statement a lie. The eagle with its ability to rise, majestic pride, and power to defend its place strengthened as the animal of my heart. It is no surprise that one of my oldest children loves the Phoenix.

The symbolism of the King of the Skies

As I have grown I have continued to pay attention to what the eagle represents in many cultures. With a profound sense of pride, I found that the attribute I admire the most, is also, one that eagles are well known for – Loyalty! Eagles are known to mate for life, only when a mate dies will they take another.

The magnificent eyesight has set the eagle as the beacon of intelligence, penetrating discernment, and understanding. It is known for resilience, healing, creativity, victory, and longevity, these together give us the hope to stretch our limits. In some cultures, hope itself is denoted by the eagle.

One of my doodles, standing semi-serious eagle.
One of my doodles, standing semi-serious eagle.

Enough Serious stuff

Yes, the eagle is a very serious bird, so he can have a seriously enjoyable time! When he chooses. His royal blood lets him if needed, take charge. Those alert eyes watching to help all there to have fun as well. His faithfulness and self-contained personality, let him support behind the scenes any friend that needs it just as well.

Eagles Flight

Of course, now living in Florida I have got to see eagles flying free! Did get couple pictures need a better camera though. So, a better picture will be another day, though I will get some. I also live where the largest eagles nest was discovered. Measured in 1963 in was 9 ft 6 in wide and 20 ft deep weighing an estimated 4,409 lbs. Still holds Guinness record for the largest bird nest.

My wife wants a cruise to Alaska, I was never interested. Then the stories of a giant eagle started on the internet rumor mill. It might be the missing eagle from Audubon’s book!  A bird gone from northern America to the point it has been called the “avian Bigfoot”. However, all birds that were thought of the same way in Audubon’s book have been identified. So, why would this one bird out of a renowned ornithologist book be the one and only fake? There are six known birds to have become extinct, why could this not be another? Well, that is probably enough of my prattling on, Except would it not be great to find a bird that could have given birth to the legend of the Thunderbird?

The Eagle Has Landed

If you have read too here you have figured out, this guy is nuts, but he really likes eagles. I thought the technology part of the image was self-evident. To be clear I did not draw the eagle-plane-merger I just thought it was great! I searched to see if I could find the artist, but even with google image, was directed to creative commons. I did add the talons for me they were needed.

That eagle-plane-merger took a true artist, the best I do is a doodle.Our semi-serious friend above-left is my doodling, though the idea came from a Shutterstock clipart picture. That is how I practice my doodling find something to draw and do it with my own slight changes. For now, I stay with the more simple style. Instead of torturing you completely I took a little time to add color to this one.

Answered the Question

One of my older children took one look at my business card and said to me “Dad I know why the eagle but how will anyone else understand?” This is the answer to that question. Also, how the symbol of Eternal Pupil came to be. Though it may be necessary to have one last mention of eagle representation. Above I mentioned longevity. However, what was not brought out is in some cultures instead of just longevity it is immortality! Now, I believe you have most of my reasons for choosing the eagle, just do not read too much into it, after all, it is my favorite, it is what it is. Be thankful you did not have to read about the bear and the turtle! Pick your favorite, add your reasons and never stop learning! Keep on nourishing your mind!