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As my first post and seemingly late to start. Let me say I was insane and took 6 classes (18 credit hours) in one semester. I would recommend that no one ever do that unless you have too. So, my own education was beating my butt, on top of that it seemed like every weekend there was a meetup, workshop, conference, or seminar, that I had to attend.

Let me tell you why this site is called the Eternal Pupil! Because that is what I firmly believe I am, and that is what we are all meant to be. Learning, studying, teaching, building and making for all eternity. Yes, I surely plan to give death a run for its money! Would love to have fellow runners there with me.

Yes, I know all about human life expectancy, but as they say, “it ain’t worth living if you’re dreaming small”.


There are so many kinds of new tech that it can become overwhelming. Yet, here we hope to flatten the learning curve.  When you look this site over, for the most part, the images are mine. I have been an amateur photographer for years. I mostly like wildlife animal shots, a few years back added landscapes found I need them, to have backgrounds for digital touchup. Now I’ve added set shots, making what I needed for different posts on sites I write for. So, count on a lot of graphics information.

Course I will try to share low-cost tips of DIY ideas to make your own equipment, as well as sharing videos that helped me learn different technics. Plus, I’ll show some places to get Creative Commons Zero license images, some of this art is beautiful and I have found it perfect to use for digital art projects.

I have used a great deal of software to do different projects for my friends, family, and organizations over the years. Meaning I will be sharing application tips too. Open Source software is one thing I have used quite a bit so you will see where to get it and how to use it.

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, I’m in school, majoring in Cyber Security and Networking. So, hardware will not be left out. In fact being in the HAM radio hobby, keeps me knowing how much more I must learn. Yet, as those ahead of me set the example of giving and sharing, I will too.


I follow most of the sciences trying to learn and keep myself up to date. I will tell you, I find the stuff on the fringe to be quite fascinating. I try to take what is shown and make my own judgment as to what is possible. Again, will pass on those items.

I have no set type of science that interests me more than any other. I did in the past, but as I learned about some of the studies that were less popular, I found they had a great deal of overlap with all the others.


Overlap or connections are found in tech and science. Many of the things we have today came from NASA and space exploration. Also, there is still much to learn down here within the biosphere of the Earth!

It is incredible too how broadcasting (audio and visual), computer networking, virtual reality and AI all touch on one another. How space travel and deep-sea exploration can help each other. How satellites have helped us find new archaeological discoveries. Inversely, things from the past, have given us insight into the future!

The World

“Before we can build the world we want to live in, we have to imagine it.”

Simon Sinek

“Create the world you want to live in in the future, by forming it with your networking activity today.”

Hank Blank

My world is one where we all work for the benefit of each other. Where we share and grow, and all become better people. That is the world I have imagined and now I am reaching out, to share and to find those willing to network together to build that kind of world.

Thank you for coming to my site and reading, I truly hope you find something useful here as my posts grow sharing knowledge and skills, to build a wonderful world!

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